GUZHVA Sergey Vasilievich

Head of Branch № 29 “Interlex”.

Member of the Presidium of the Moscow Regional Collegium of Advocates.

Honorary advocate of the Moscow region.




  • Degree in international law with the knowledge of foreign language No ЗВ 587382, Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations of MFA USSR, International Law Faculty, department of Trade Law, French and English languages.
  • Diploma of an expert in economics and management with the knowledge of foreign language № 4663, Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Institute of Business Studies, specialization “business administration”, English language.
  • Since 2008 – annual professional advanced training under a mandatory program of the Bar Chamber of the Moscow region in the volume of at least 20 hours per year in accordance with the Russian legislation on advocacy and the bar.
  • Certificate of advanced training № 1173 under the program “English contract law: main features and actual issues in the practice of contractual work”, Law institute “M-Logos”, 2015.
  • Is fluent in English and French (holding of intricate business negotiations, drawing up of legal documents and analysis of legal acts).

Practical working experience as legal counsel and advocate

  • Legal practitioner with a 35-years working experience.
  • Many years of practical work as diplomatic servant and consular officer, legal counsel, head of international business division, head of a law firm, advocate and head of the advocates team.
  • Served as diplomat and consular officer from 1981 till 1993 in the embassies of the USSR and the RF abroad and in the central office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR.
  • Advocate since 1998, registration number in the Register of advocates of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation 50/735.
  • Extensive and versatile working experience as advocate in economic disputes in international arbitration courts, Russian and foreign courts.
  • Considerable experience in negotiating conclusion and enforcement of inter-governmental agreements and commercial contracts with a foreign element.
  • Experience of providing legal support to operations in the securities market.
  • Positive working experience in the sphere of protection of foreign investments.
  • Advising and preparation of legal opinions on the application of sanctions by the government of the USA and EU bodies.
  • Current experience of appealing sectoral sanctions in the court of the European Union (Luxembourg).
  • Experience of handling the matters in the law enforcement bodies of the RF and a number of foreign states, in the Russian courts of general jurisdiction and economic courts of all instances, in the Constitutional Court of the RF, in the arbitration courts, as well as in foreign courts and international arbitration courts.
  • Positive experience of defending entrepreneurs and heads of legal entities in criminal proceedings in economic and tax crimes.



  • Law merchant, contract law, arbitral procedure.
  • Legal regulation of foreign trade.
  • International commercial arbitration.
  • International trade law.
  • Full legal support of natural and legal entities.



Hundreds of major clients for the time of practical work. Among them:

  • Russian state corporation (accredited legal counsel);
  • Top 10 European Bank (France);
  • A number of Russian banks (including the banks with foreign participation), including Top-5 ;
  • Russian civil and military aircraft enterprises;
  • Major Russian insurance company;
  • Subsidiary of a major Russian telecommunications company;
  • One of the Russian leading iron and steel works with foreign investments;
  • Russian construction development company;
  • Russian shipbuilding company;
  • Subsidiary of the major Russian hydrocarbon production company;
  • Supplier of building materials of a world trade mark;
  • International air carrier;
  • Supplier of equipment for oil wells (USA);
  • One of the leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment; supplier of Motorola company (USA);
  • One of the major manufacturers and exporters of dairy products (Germany);
  • Well-known international tourist company (France);
  • International and foreign law firms.

Status of an expert

  • Legal opinions on the Russian and international private law as an independent practising lawyer and advocate for submission to foreign courts.
  • Legal opinions on the legal capacity of Russian and foreign legal entities, the powers of bodies and officials, compliance with the requirements of the Russian and foreign legislation when concluding major international legal transactions.
  • Expert examination of loan and collateral documentation.
  • Legal opinions on the practice of sanctions application and on court and out-of-court appeal against sanctions of the state bodies of US and EU.
  • Preparation of a draft law introducing amendments to the Tax Code of the RF and participation in its expert examination in the State Duma of the RF.
  • Legal review (due diligence) of a corporate structure of a large holding consisting of over 80 enterprises in the RF and 14 enterprises abroad.

Work in the bar

Member of the Presidium of the Moscow Regional Collegium of Advocates (deals with the matters of organization of work of the collegium’s branches, including in terms of compliance with the legislation in relations between advocates and clients).

Participated in the protection of rights of legal practices and advocates in the antitrust bodies and courts.

Acknowledgments and awards

Has numerous acknowledgements and awards.

Awarded a medal of the Federal Bar Chamber of the RF “For Merits in protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens” and a medal of the Bar Chamber of the Moscow Region “Honorary Advocate”.

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